ICE Just Hauled Off Trump-Hating Dem Congressman After Finding What He Was Doing Inside Their Chicago Headquarters [Watch]

Some time ago, cities across the nation decided they would buck federal mandates, and ignore any and all hold requests on illegal immigrants from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Basically, local law enforcement would be allowed to go rogue, or just ignore illegals altogether. What’s worse is that the illegals know this, and have begun to exploit it to the fullest extent. These cities are known as “sanctuary cities.”

Odd, isn’t it, that the same liberal politicians who think that the states should have no rights outside the federal government think that individual cities can become a refuge for illegals and the government should just mind its own business.

One such politician is Illinois Democrat Representative, Luis Gutierrez.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Gutierrez attended a ‘sit-in’ at Chicago’s ICE headquarters to protest their deportation procedures. He considers the procedures ‘egregious, unfair and morally bankrupt’. He knew that there was a chance of him being arrested after he was given his first warning, yet refused to leave. He even tweeted ‘Federal police giving us our first warning that we risk arrest if we stay at Chicago ICE HQ’.


That risk became a reality when Gutierrez was put in cuffs and pulled away from his illegal pals by ICE. Unfortunately, someone asked the officers to back down, and Gutierrez and his cronies were eventually freed.

The fact that Gutierrez would show up at ICE with “members of the immigrant community” shows a level of disrespect for national law that is absolutely unacceptable from a United States Congressman. This is a person who was elected to make and uphold laws, in line with our constitution. Instead, he is spending his time consorting with the lawless, flaunting that a city in his state won’t be adhering to federal law. These politicians are having to stoop to more and more desperate measures to keep their jobs. Their party is falling apart, as are their cities due to their lack of foresight and poor judgment. Perhaps the next “sit in” Gutierrez does with the “immigrant community” will be in a holding cell, and he will be able to see just what rights he’s protecting.

(Source: The Gateway Pundit)

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