Look What ICE Just Raided In Nevada That Led To 60 Arrests, Here’s The Disturbing Thing They Found

Ever since Trump took office he has been on an epic roll. Trump has given the American people hope again as he begins to restore law and order in the country. That is evident with the latest ICE raids taking place across the country. Finally, our immigration laws are being upheld, but what they have found is truly chilling.

Last week, ICE conducted a five-day operation that resulted in the arrest of 61 criminal illegals throughout the state of Nevada. Of course, all of these illegals had something in common and I wonder if you can guess it what it was. This should come as no surprise, but all of these illegals had extensive criminal records.

These illegals were wanted for a litany of crimes ranging from armed robbery, sex and drug offenses, domestic violence and DUI.

According to Dennis Michael Lynch:

“ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officials reported that 25 were arrested in Reno, highest from the 11 areas they covered in the raids, with Las Vegas being second with 14. The 54 men and seven women were taken into custody were from six different countries, with Mexico being the only one in double digits with 45.

According to ICE, the breakdown per country was as follows: Mexico (45); Guatemala (6); El Salvador (3); Samoa (2); Armenia (1); Cuba (1); Honduras (1); Iran (1); and Italy (1).

Criminal aliens who posed a threat to public safety were targeted, as well as the ones who had previously violated our country’s immigration laws.”


Well, this just proves that Trump was right all along about these illegals. No one has an issue with immigration, but we do have an issue with illegals that have criminal records. For the left to call people who want the criminal element removed from the country racists is absurd. These criminal illegals are just looking for people to rob and harm, and that is not happening on Trump’s watch.

If they truly want to be an American citizen they can follow the proper channels and enter the country. However, we do not want these less than desirable candidates wandering around free and unchecked.

I am glad that ICE is able to do their job now and round up these criminals and send them on their way.

H/T [ MyNews4 ]

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