BREAKING: ICE Officials Just Made Horrifying Discovery Right Down The Street From The White House

ICE agents stormed Washington DC and uncovered something horrible that you wouldn’t expect to see so close to the White House. ICE arrested 82 illegal immigrants around the corner and that’s not the worst part about it. The scary part is that 80% of them have criminal records and the remaining illegal immigrants have ties to a very serious gang called MS-13. They’re known for murdering people with machetes and don’t play around.

ICE agents weren’t playing around either as they conducted a nearly week-long sting that targeted the D.C. metropolitan area. Seems like there might be a pending war between ICE agents and illegal immigrants with criminal records. Then again, we have at least four to eight years to see if President Trump will have more or less deportations than former President Obama. Obama is still the king of deportations, so we can’t jump ahead of ourselves. Obama sent more people packing than you can count!

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested 82 illegal immigrants in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area as part of in a five-day sting that concluded March 30, according to a press release Wednesday.

The standard enforcement operation targeted criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, and immigration fugitives. Virginia topped Maryland and the District of Columbia with the highest number of arrests at 79. D.C. followed with two arrests, while only one Maryland resident was taken into custody.

About 80 percent of the arrestees have been convicted of criminal offenses in addition to illegally residing in the country, including crimes like armed robbery, larceny and drug distribution. The other 14 people were seized for ties to the MS-13 gang, outstanding deportation orders, overstaying visas, being wanted by a foreign law enforcement organization, being a verified human rights violator.

What democrats won’t tell you is that ICE targets the criminal illegal aliens. Even though they are all technically criminals for breaking into America, there are people who cause no harm. In my opinion, the illegal immigrants who contribute to society should be granted citizenship. Fast track them to become Americans and let them pay taxes like the rest of us. Those who break the law? They can kick a can of rocks and “cash me ousside” as they’re on their free one-way trip home. You can’t sneak into a country and break the law. You need to sneak in, obey the law, and do something good that makes Americans want you to stay.

If ICE targets criminal illegal aliens, then we need to create a task force that targets lazy welfare bums who make a living collecting MY money from MY taxes. I’d like to see those welfare hags deported faster than Guadalupe the woman who sews clothes for a living and doesn’t bother anyone, even though she snuck into the country. I’d rather see the welfare slobs who refuse to get a job kicked out of America before a hardworking illegal immigrant. If you’re able-bodied and refuse to get a job, then you gotta go.

Give me a country filled with honest hardworking people and we will absolutely thrive faster. Give me a neighborhood filled with fatherless welfare junkie babies and lazy slob mothers and we go nowhere. Sounds mean, right? Then stop being lazy.

I don’t care who you are or where you’re from – if you’re contributing to society, then you’re OK with me. If you’re a criminal crumb bum, then you should be sent packing, because you’re no good to us anyway.

I don’t care if you were born here, if you’re a bum, then I’ll gladly deport an American too!

I’ll make that trade any day of the week. Get out of here, slobs.

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