ICE Just Raided Illegals’ Restaurant In PA And Made DISTURBING Find Hidden Inside That Proves EXACTLY Why We Need Trump

The Aroma Buffet and Grill, in York, PA, closed for about two weeks when a handful of their illegal immigrant employees were arrested by ICE.

I guess they won’t be smelling the home cooking anytime soon, as they’re probably on their way to deportation land.

So far four employees were hauled away by ICE and that was enough to shut the business for two weeks. A new manager was hired and he’s not sure if the old manager knew his illegal immigrant employees were illegal or not.

When a guy tells you he’ll work for $2 an hour, under the table, and he doesn’t speak English very well, then you can probably guess the status of their citizenship.

The four kitchen employees were arrested as part of a recent surge in Immigration & Customs Enforcement activity, said Stephen Converse, the attorney representing them. The men are all in their mid- to late 20s and are from Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador.

Converse declined to provide his clients’ names, but he said none has a criminal record. Their only crimes, he said, are being undocumented immigrants.

Converse said he’s seen more than a dozen York County immigration status-related arrests in the past three weeks. He’s spoken with 16 arrested people, eight of whom he’s representing as an attorney.

None of his clients has a serious criminal record, Converse said. A couple had minor infractions including a first-time DUI and driving without a license.

The arrests signal a dramatic change from the Obama era, Converse said. “The Obama administration very methodically focused on criminal aliens. Now they’re targeting everyone.”

I’m just wondering why immigrants come to America, stay here for years, and don’t start the paperwork to become citizens.

If you’re here to stay, then get the papers. As long as you’re doing it right, you’re OK!

I hear stories about people being deported after 20 years and they want a sob story from me. I want to know why, after that many years, you didn’t follow the law?

If I commit a crime, then I get punished for it. Breaking into the country is a crime and people keep forgetting about that.

What about the illegal immigrant kids? What about them? Their parents broke the law. Take the kids with you back to your homeland.

When an American parent breaks the law and goes to jail, leaving the kids behind, then how is that any different? At least when you’re deported you can go with family or friends. That’s a LOT better than going to jail.

Come to America, but do it the right way.

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