ID of Bronx Thug Who Attacked Ted Cruz Revealed… He’s on a Shocking Foreign Payroll!!

A Ted Cruz heckler who shouted left-wing nonsense at the candidate during a campaign stop in the Bronx became a bit of a media sensation this past weekend. However, none of the media could be bothered to check on the background of the man who got so much airtime on their networks.

If they did, they would have found out something shocking — namely, that the provocateur had been kicked out of Argentina for ties to one of the most notorious socialist dictators of the last 50 years.

According to George Unset of The Real Cuba, Rodrigo Venegas — known better by the sobriquet Rodrigo Starz — is one half of the leftist Chilean rap group Rebel Diaz, together with his brother Gonzalo.

The two are known for their leftist agitation, and have a show on Telesur English — a channel started and funded by none other than deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

“Telesur’s mission is to spread anti-American and pro Cuba propaganda,” Unset reports. The network is sponsored by plenty of leftist governments, such as Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia. You know, good people.

In fact, it was the fact that he was on the Venezuelan payroll that got him kicked out of Argentina by the government.

Via CT

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