From Mad World News: A Mississippi woman who was caught stealing items out of cars in a local high school’s parking lot, attempted to excuse her criminal behavior by claiming she was looking for ISIS militants.

Lisa Carol Roche, 41, was found pillaging through the cars of students before being caught red-handed with sunglasses and other objects in her possession at East Central High School in Hurley, Mississippi, the Sun Herald reported.

The news source said Roche’s children attend school where she was caught thieving from.

Police did not believe her ridiculous excuse and arrested her on a charge of commercial burglary of a vehicle and booked her into the Jackson County Adult Detention Center on Friday, where she is being held without bond pending an initial court appearance.

Roche is allegedly no stranger to the Hurley Sheriff’s department who reported she has been booked for misdemeanor careless driving, felony embezzlement, and felony burglary, according to the Sun herald.

She faces a sentence of five years and several thousand dollars in fines if convicted.

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