IDIOT ALERT: San Francisco Welcomes Illegal Aliens, Hates Legal Gun Owners


(Louder with Crowder) Ah San Francisco, the city of the Golden Gate Bridge and golden showers of the homeless people who call the streets their toilet. San Francisco boasts high rent prices for the people who live and work there, and a free park to crash in if you’ve decided to go the urban outdoorsman route. That park bench is so much more than a park bench. Case in point, San Francisco is the City of Contradictions: beautiful but disgusting.

The supervisors of San Francisco decided #EnoughisEnough. No, not about their homelessness or its sanctuary city status, but guns. Supervisors drove out the last remaining outpost of the second amendment, not by flat out banning firearm sales, but with crippling regulations. It’s what the left does.

Masashi Takahashi, a Japanese native, operates High Bridge Arms in San Francisco, Calif. Last week, employees at the 63-year-old store announced that it would be closing on October 31st as a result of the city’s continued efforts to remove lawfully held firearms from the city through intolerable regulations.

The regulations? These, and they’re ridiculous:

The cameras shall be sufficient in number and location to monitor all places where firearms or ammunition are stored, handled, sold, transferred, or carried, including, but not limited to, counters, safes, vaults, cabinets, shelves, cases, and entryways. The video surveillance system shall operate continuously, without interruption, whenever the licensee is open for business. Whenever the licensee is not open for business, the system shall be triggered by a motion detector and begin recording immediately upon detection of any motion within the monitored area.

…The video surveillance system shall record continuously and store color images of the monitored area at a frequency of not less than 15 frames per second. The system shall produce retrievable and identifiable images and video recordings on media approved by the Chief of Police or his or her designee that can be enlarged through projection or other means, and can be made a permanent record for use in a criminal investigation. The system shall be capable of delineating on playback the activity and physical features of persons or areas where guns and ammunition are stored and handled within the premises.

The stored images shall be maintained on the business premises of the licensee for a
period not less than one year from the date of recordation.

…The licensee shall inspect the system at least weekly to ensure that it is operational and images are being recorded and retained as required.

In other words, WE ARE WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE. San Francisco wants to know who, what and how people are buying their guns or ammunition. And they’re getting it on video tape. What right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed? Never heard of it.

But if you’re an illegal alien? Come on in, the foggy air is fine! Take a stroll up our steep streets and use someone’s overpriced staircase as your personal lounge chair and urinal!

Illegal immigrant on the right killed the legal citizen on the left...Illegal immigrant on the right killed the legal citizen on the left…in San Francisco

Kate Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco. The shooter had multiple felonies and despite the strict gun laws in the city, he carried a firearm then shot and killed a legal US Citizen. Obama did not go to the podium and call for stricter gun laws or stricter immigration policy, by the way. If the Democrats in Washington or San Francisco were so sick with worry over guns and crime and stuff, maybe they would focus on their illegal alien problems.

Nah. Get the old Japanese gun owner out of town. That’ll do it.

By Courtney Kirchoff


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