IED Blows Off Mans Leg In NYC Central Park (VIDEOS)

Yesterday, an explosion went off in Central Park outside the funeral of Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. One 18 year old young man from Virginia had part of his leg blown off in the explosion.

The cause is unknown, but he general consensus seems to be that it was caused by a firework of some sort. The man injured and his friends who were present at the explosion deny that they had been playing with fireworks.

The young man who was injured by the blast said he was vehemently questioned by NYPD over whether or not he had been playing with fireworks. It seems as if police hoped that had simply been the case, as the park had been closed yesterday and a bomb squad was present to see if any other similar explosive devises were present.

According to witnesses, the victim simply stepped on something that exploded – and I think we all know that fireworks don’t just explode from being stepped on. NYPD are still investigating what the materials were the caused the explosion.

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