IED Rocks Start of Marine Corps Charity Run- MEDIA IGNORING

An explosion in New Jersey has gone largely unreported due to a similar explosion that took place eleven hours later in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City. The charity run in New Jersey was cancelled after an explosion took place in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

The explosion took place in a garbage can which is where two unexploded pipe bombs were later found. Authorities have told residents to stay inside their homes and away from the area the race was supposed to take place.

Unfortunately, the explosion took place at 9:35 A.M. on Saturday morning, just yesterday. It was on the corner of D Street and Ocean Avenue right before the Seaside Park Semper Five 5K Charity Run. Luckily, nobody was injured or hurt and no structures had serious damage.

A Facebook post on the explosion states,

Out of extreme precaution, this year’s Seaside Semper Five has been canceled due to an unidentified suspicious backpack found at the race site. The safety and security of our participants, spectators, staff and volunteers is of utmost importance. We’d like to thank the Seaside Park Police Department, all the first responders and emergency personnel for their quick action. Further details will be posted when available. Thank you for your understanding.”

Apparently, Fox News is the only outlet interested in getting the truth out there.

Another incident also took place in Minnesota as well. However, all three incidents do not appear to be connected as the authorities have said. They do appear to have been premeditated and planned but it is unknown who the culprit is, their motives or why they chose the areas they did. Officials have also noted that as of now their appears to be no indication this is an act of terrorism.

The most important thing is nobody in any of the incidents have been seriously or permanently injured or killed. The situation as of now appears to be under control.

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