Illegal Alien With 30 Prior Arrests Just Stole A Big Bus – Now Cops Know The Sick Use He Had For It

A criminal illegal alien murdered a mother of five last night. His name is Jose Gonzalez and he has a long criminal rap sheet that includes thirty other arrests. People like this were protected under the Obama administration. But under the Trump administration crackdowns on immigration will make it so people like this can’t live in the United States anymore.

Gonzalez is twenty-five years old and he stole an emergency ambulance and then proceeded to run over a fourteen year veteran of FDNY. The victim was Yadira Arroyo and her work partner. Unfortunately, she died because of the injuries she sustained while being managed at the Jacobi Medical Center.

Now because of his actions, he faces felony charges of murder, grand larceny, and operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs. Arroyo and her partner were simply responding to an emergency call in the Bronx when they were attacked.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said,

“So, they stopped the ambulance, they got out to see what was happening. This person, in turn, went around the other side of the ambulance and got into the driver’s side. They were acting very bravely. They certainly wanted to continue on their way to the call. This person had no business being in this ambulance.”

A video of the event shows the suspect driving off in the ambulance with the lights flashing, door open, and the two ambulance workers being dragged underneath. Eventually, the suspect crashed into everlasting parked cars and a snow bank which forced the vehicle to come to a stop.

Mayor Bill de Blasio made a public statement on the issue saying,

“We know our EMTs are brave. They do crucial work — they save lives — but they should not ever have to be subjected to violence. And yet, that danger always exists for them.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo said,

“EMTs are heroes who help countless New Yorkers every day. Tonight’s tragedy in the Bronx is horrible. My deepest sympathies to the family.”

Their words are meaningless though unless they are willing to endorse and spearhead policy changes that don’t allow criminal illegal aliens to commit crimes like this on our own soil. Drastic action must be taken to fix this problem and Donald Trump understands this.

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