Illegal alien arrested, melee swarms police and Border Patrol

Confrontation with Tucson Police

In Tucson, Arizona a TPD officer made a routine traffic stop on a vehicle who didn’t use his turn signals, the incident happened shortly after 3pm on the South Side of Tucson near Davis Monthan AFB. After the driver self identified as an illegal police utilized the controversial SB 1070 law that the Obama administration tried to kill.

Police notified Border Patrol that they had taken an illegal alien into custody. When Border Patrol showed up a large crowd began to form heckling the officers and trying to intimidate them.

When Border Patrol finally hauled away the criminal things calmed down, until two protesters decided to lay down in front of the border patrol vehicle. Police scuffled with them briefly and removed them from the scene without incident, there were no other arrests made KGUN9 reported.

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