You Won’t Believe The Horrid 5-Word Excuse Illegal Alien Gave For Beheading His Mother -Trump was RIGHT!

This article is a prime example of why illegal immigrants need to be accounted for and deported. They don’t care about the law, otherwise, they would be in the process of becoming a citizen. What’s to stop them from not caring about other laws? Nothing. Literally nothing was able to stop this illegal immigrant from committing a terrible act of horrid murder on his own mother.

It gets disturbing from here, but this is something you need to read and share to everyone liberal talking about “let them in” and “who cares about immigration rules” and anything else they spew against safe borders and checking people out before they come in.

This mentally deranged teenager cut his mother’s head off. He was questioned by authorities and typically they ask what the motive for the crime was, so they can further understand any backstory that leads up to said crime. This illegal alien murderer only had five horrid words to say:


That’s it. Nothing else to the story. The only motive was the sick insanity driving him to murder someone for no reason. This is a man who should not have been in America. I guess his mother was an illegal immigrant too. Two for one, right? She’s gone and he’ll likely be deported.

I feel terrible for this man’s two younger siblings. They’ve lost two family members. They’ll probably be deported. They have their life ruined and may have lost any chance to succeed.

Maybe a rich American can take them in. Kids deserve better than this. Especially kids who lose a parent because their psychotic older sibling takes them away in bloody beheaded murder.

I hope those kids have family back in Honduras and don’t become a product of the system.

Crimes that cause children to suffer are the worst.

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