Illegal Alien Deported Five Times Slaughters Innocent Woman—Here’s What They Are Hiding!

Donald Trump did a world of good for this country when he ran for President. If nothing else, he brought attention to the serious issue of illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes here in the United States. Yet another story of an innocent being murdered by an illegal alien has hit the mainstream media.

A woman was killed in a hit and run car accident where an illegal alien was driving the car. He had previously been deported five times and now the family of the victim is demanding the justice they deserve. The victim was Sandra Dunn who was killed near the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard on February 19th. It happened in Los Angeles, California.

The culprit was 45-year-old Estuardo Alvarado. He was fleeing the scene of another crime when he mowed down the victim. His extensive criminal record shows just how dangerous a man he really is.

Between 1998 and 2011 he has been removed from the United States numerous times to be sent back to his home country of Mexico. This was reported by officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Some of his previous crimes include possession of a weapon, driving under the influence and various drug charges. Juanita Hernandez, the sister of the victim, spoke out and said the following about the entire ordeal,

Knowing the history that he had, with the DUIs and so forth, it was like a slap in the hand and sent back, and he came back and it shouldn’t have been done like that. He’ll destroy someone else’s family. We want him put away for good. I want justice for my sister…her life not to go in vain. There’s a lot of good people that, you know, have come to this country to make a life and a living for themselves, and to have someone like him come in that did drugs or, you know, drinking under the influence and has nothing coming for his life – those are the people that need to stay over there.”

Her father Sanro Duran said,

If the laws would have been a lot stricter, this could have been prevented, but he had a record long already, so that tells you right there.”

Now because of his latest crime, the culprit is facing five felony counts which include the charge of murder. He could be spending the rest of his life behind bars. Because of the heinous nature of his crime, his bail was set at $2.23 million. Looks like he will be caged like the animal he is for a very long time.

Perhaps then his victim will get the justice she richly deserves.

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