Illegal Alien Who Hacked Two Men To Death With Machete Just Learned Hard Way That Trump Doesn’t Mess Around!

Murdering people and thinking you’ll get away with it is a mistake. Doing it as an illegal alien, thinking no one will ever find out, and trying to live in the USA without getting caught and wrecked in the court system – BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!

When you hack two people to death with a machete, then go about your business as an illegal immigrant, then you’re literally making the biggest mistake ever. You already have ICE looking for you, so why would you add to your illegal immigrant charges?

Was your train of thought like this “I’m an illegal immigrant and if I get caught I get sent home! That’s not bad enough, let’s murder a few people and add to the charges! Sounds great!”

No it doesn’t sound great. It sounds illegal and when you’re caught, YOU’RE SCREWED FOR LIFE!

When you’re an illegal immigrant, then you better not commit any crimes whatsoever. You already have a target on your back for deportation. People are looking for you every day. Do yourselves a favor and law low. Stop committing crimes.

If you commit a terrible crime in your own country, then DON’T COME HERE TO HIDE!! They’ll find you really fast!! There’s no salvation here. You’ll be caught and sent packing.


An illegal alien accused of hacking two men to death in a Honduran liquor store in 1993 has been arrested in North Carolina as part of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation.

Francisco Escobar-Orellana, a 56-year-old illegal alien from Honduras, was arrested on Tuesday morning near his home in Hope Mills.

Escobar had been arrested in North Carolina in July 2011 for driving under the influence. It is unclear why he was released at that time since, as ICE stated on Wednesday, Honduras had filed an arrest warrant for him in 2005.

No one wants a country filled with ILLEGAL immigrants. Everyone wants everyone else to play by the rules and follow the laws so we have everything organized.

However, we know that there will not ever be a day when there’s NO illegal immigrants, so if you’re an illegal – could you do us a favor and stop breaking the law?

People would like to live in peaceful communities without the extra crime.

We already have enough crime from our American degenerates and we don’t need anymore crime from illegals.

You’re committing enough crimes just by being here – don’t make it worse.

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