This Illegal Alien Just Made a Ridiculous Demand to McDonalds


Last month, Barack Obama announced a blanket amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens — mostly so-called ‘Dreamers’ — those who claimed to have been brought her illegally as minors, and also their parents who broke the law.

Now that their criminality has been excused — and even applauded — by the White House, their arrogance and sense of entitlement has never been greater. They have zero concerns about being deported, and feel free to demand higher wages in public, and even lecture us on “democracy.”

As The Daily Mail reported-

A single mother of two from Los Angeles working as a McDonald’s server has boldly taken on the fast-food giant as part of a growing labor movement demanding higher wages.

Earlier this month, the woman known only as Maribel went on a strike against her employer.

In a video released by BuzzFeed last week, Maribel recounts how she was brought to the US from her native Mexico when she was only 7 months old. Her mother also works at McDonalds, despite her years of criminal illegal violations.

Maribel currently earns $9.35 an hour, which she says is not enough to support her one-year-old son, Brandon, and two-year-old daughter, Kaitlin.

‘I need fifteen to buy my babies diapers, their wipies, their clothes,’ she explains. ‘Its hard with nine dollars per hour — you can’t do that. It’s really hard to pay rent.’

She goes on to say: ‘If I pay my rent, I leave my kids without their diapers.’

Earlier this month, Maribel joined a large group of fast-food workers calling for $15 per hour and the right to unionize. 

‘We’re gonna go show them that we’re not scared, that we’re here to fight for what we deserve,’ Maribel says in the video on the eve of the strike.

On December 4, Maribel led a group of protesters on a march to her McDonald’s eatery in South Central waving signs and chanting slogans like ‘this is what democracy looks like!’

As blogger Derryck Green so aptly put it:

Notice that Maribel is a single mother of two and an illegal immigrant who makes more than both the federal minimum wage and the California state minimum wage.  If she’s having trouble making ends meet, Maribel should’ve thought through beforehand that her income wasn’t enough to support her reproductive productivity.

Therefore she’s demanding McDonald’s (which would pass that increase on to consumers) pay her more, in essence, to pay for her bad decision of having (illegitimate) children, without the means of supporting them.  Again, not because she’s earned it, but because she needs it.

Someone needs to tell Maribel- and the other striking employees- that if her capabilities merited $15 an hour, then she would be making… wait for it… $15 per hour.

This whole charade is going to backfire as McDonald’s and other companies wisely transition to automation, putting thousands of people, legal and illegal, out of work because the greed and narcissism of people like Maribel have become too costly and not worth the trouble to employ.

So this illegal alien is demanding $15 an hour to flip burgers, and lecturing Americans on “democracy” — while those Americans NEVER voted to permit millions of illegal aliens to break our immigration laws with impunity. It is only because of an illegal amnesty decree by our would-be Emperor Obama that this lawless arrogance is on full display.

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