Illegal Alien Murdered His Wife, Two Daughters and Niece – Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard About It

I cannot wait till all these violent illegal aliens are rounded up and deported for good. For years, they have been flooding our borders and hiding in sanctuary cities to avoid detection. These criminals have been able to commit horrific crimes and the mainstream media has been in essence their accomplice.

Many states around the country as we know harbor illegal aliens in what are called sanctuary cities. These cities protect those who enter America illegally from deportation. One of those states that grant this insanity is California, which is where a gruesome crime occurred.

Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, 56, was arrested this past Friday morning in San Francisco on four counts of murder. Vasquez-Oliva is, of course, an illegal alien who confessed his brutal crime to his cousin who then called the police.

“Our suspect had come to his house earlier in the morning and confessed to something very horrific,”Capt. Dave Peletta said. “The complainant then called us and said, ‘It’s very unusual, he’s a relative of mine, but I hadn’t seen him for an extended period time. So, it was very odd that he would come here and throw this out on me.’”

The police were dispatched to the address and discovered a horrific scene.

Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, 56, of Sacramento, was arrested on Friday, March 24, 2017, in connection with a quadruple homicide in south Land Park, the Sacramento Police Department said.
Salvador Vasquez-Oliva mugshot.

According to the criminal complaint, Vasquez-Oliva “personally used a deadly and dangerous weapon, to wit, a blunt force instrument” with “malice aforethought” in the killings of his wife, Angelique Vasquez, 45, their 11-year-old son Alvin Vasquez and their 14-year-old daughter Mia Vasquez.

Photo of Angelique Vasquez, 45, (right) and a photo of Ashley Coleman, 21, (left)

Vasquez-Oliva then used a knife to kill the couple’s 21-year-old niece Ashley Coleman.

However, what makes this crime even more atrocious is that the mainstream media has failed again, to report it. Vasquez-Oliva was arrested for this heinous crime on March 23, which is two weeks ago, and this is the first we are hearing of it. This is why the American people do not trust the mainstream media to report the truth.

This was obviously covered up, and we deserve better than that, don’t you think?

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H/T [ KCRA ]

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