Illegal Alien Raped 9-Year-Old Girl, Then Impregnated Her — Trump’s Plan For Him Has Liberals Outraged!

Yet another illegal alien has committed a violent crime on American soil. This time it took place in Palm Beach near Boynton Beach, Florida. On Wednesday police received a call about a sexual battery case of a minor who was eleven years old. She was found to be pregnant.

The young girl told police officers she was repeatedly raped by a man named Elvin Benitez-Lopez who is thirty-eight-years-old. Authorities tracked him down and brought him in for criminal questioning. He ultimately confessed and admitted he raped her in a moment of weakness. Police have indicated he was a Guatemalan citizen. The perpetrator saw her coming out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel and remarked that she looked like a woman and then forced himself on her.

He was immediately arrested and detained. The law enforcement officers dealing with the case said that the girl admitted the rapes had taken place dozens upon dozens of times. The rapes continued for over two years, starting when she was 9-years-old. The majority of the attacks took place when the girl was showering.

Authorities say he would unlock the door and let himself in before violating her. It is unknown how the pedophile and the victim are related or what their relationship to one another was. It is also unknown if she will require medical treatment or already has gotten it. Regardless, he has been charged with twenty counts of raping a minor and one count of impregnating a minor. For obvious reasons, he remains in jail and was denied bond.

Considering this is one of many similar crimes that have occurred over the years due to the former President and his lax immigration policy, everyone will surely be grateful when President Trump begins cracking down on deporting violent and criminal illegal aliens.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump had this scum pos brought up on federal charges, waterboarded and beat down with a baseball bat. Of course, liberals would be out rioting and protesting in defense of this sick freak rapist illegal alien.

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