Illegal Alien Slaughters FIVE Americans In Los Angeles

Donald Trump has recieved tremendous backlash and pushback from the media and the left for his hard stance on illegal immigration but everyone held their tongue weeks later when an illegal immigrant was found to have murdered a young woman. Now they will be holding their tongue again.

San Francisco, California has long held the status of a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. Now an illegal immigrant who should have been deported has murdered five people in a Southern California city. The Obama administrations unwillingness to crackdown on illegal immigration has directly led us to this unfortunate moment in time.

Fox News reported the five individuals were found dead after John Sanchez set fire to an abandoned building in Los Angeles, California. He is a 21 year old citizen of Honduras who got into a fight with some homeless people who were illegally squatting in the building he set fire to. The tragedy took place on Monday. Likely out shadowed by the Orlando, Florida terrorist attack.

Los Angeles Police Capt. Billy Hayes told Fox News that Sanchez,

lit the fire with the intent to kill.”

Sanchez set fire to the place in retaliation for the squatters behavior. Seems completely reasonable?! The burned bodies were recovered the next day on Tuesday after firefighters finished extinguishing the fire.

Immigration officials were aware of him back in 2012 when he was arrested at the United States-Mexico border trying to illegally cross. Instead of turning him away agents of the Border Control bureau sent him to America! The reason is preposterous.

Law enforcement officials said Sanchez was released because of his lack of criminal history and lack of immigration violations. If trying to cross the border illegally wasn’t enough?! Last time I checked that was still illegal. Not in Obamaland… I mean America.

A government spokesperson said,

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement never started the process of deporting him, spokeswoman Virginia Kice said, adding that the reason why was unclear. She told the newspaper it’s ICE policy “to focus on individuals who pose a public safety threat.”

Sanchez stopped checking in with immigration officials in 2014. Then in January of 2016 he was arrested for domestic violence and a plethora of other times for drug violations. How many times does an illegal immigrant need to break the law before they are arrested and deported? Their are American citizens who get treated worse than this on a daily basis.

He is being charged with five counts of capital murder. He is eligible for the death penalty under California law. There is no way the government could see a drug pedaling, wife beater as a safety threat?!

The death penalty is rarely used in California so Sanchez will likely sit on his but soaking up taxpayer amenities in federal prison while citizens pay the price. #thanksObama


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