Watch This Illegal Alien Try To Sneak Into Trump’s America, Then Gets A NASTY Surprise! (VIDEO)

An illegal immigrant tried to sneak into America, but guess who was waiting to catch and release back to their own little river?

An illegal immigrant failed to get into America without getting caught and was met by a hoard of agents that whisked him away. He’s either off to prison or back to his homeland.

That’s a victory for the one and only ICE ICE BABY!

IRREFUTABLE • images recorded several ICE agents in the arrest. It happened this morning near the restaurant Taco Bell is located at the intersection of N. Lamar Blvd. and Rundberg Ln., Near the HEB. Images irrefutably prove the presence of ICE in Austin. The video is MANGO VEGA

You can’t just sneak into America anymore. You have to do it the legal way. The days of breaking the law and getting in the club without paying the cover charge are over.

That sucks for immigrants who sneak over, but I’m sure the really creative people will still get in. If you can find a way in, then good for you. Just know that you’ll eventually be caught and sent back to your homeland. Is it worth it? Not really. Just become a citizen and go through the proper procedures to become a citizen or whatever you have to do, but do it the right way.

That’s all America wants people to do. Just come to America the right way and there’s no problems.

If you want to put ICE out of a job, then come to America legally. If everyone is here legally, then those guys/gals won’t be needed anymore.

Makes sense, right?

We have to follow our own laws. We can’t let every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the country. Actually, that might be more like Tomás, Dick, y  el Quique.

If a guy like this gets in, then you have to give him credit! This is some next level immigration and it’s hilarious (unless he’s a rapist).

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