Illegal Aliens Who Just Brutally Attacked Two Texas Deputies Get MASSIVE Dose of KARMA!

A Texas deputy sheriff was assaulted Saturday, January 14th, shortly after midnight while he attempted a drug arrest on “two undocumented Mexican Nationals.” Deputy Ken Arant was attempting to arrest a man for having drugs in his vehicle. Deputy Arant cuffed the suspect, but the man slipped out of the cuffs twice and assaulted Deputy Arant. The Deputy was able to tase the suspect when the woman traveling with the man engaged in a scuffle and attempted to get Deputy Arant’s firearm. The man and woman were able to escape from Deputy Arant and get to their car. A high-speed chase ensued when the driver lost control of his vehicle and rolled several times. Deputies and EMS personnel from Hall county responded to the scene of the crash and transported the suspects to the local hospital and later were transported by airlift to the University Medical Center Hospital in Lubbock, TX.

The man and woman are in critical condition after the near-fatal rollover crash outside the town of Estelline in neighboring Hall County.The man is in “extremely critical condition.” Childress County Sheriff’s Office identified the two suspects are Hugo Vargas, 25, and Mariana Mares, 21 and identified as “undocumented Mexican nationals” who were living in Los Angeles at the time of the incident. Childress is located in the Northern part of Texas, about 140 miles northeast of Lubbock.

The Red River Sun Editor Ginger Wilson said she spoke with Sheriff Pigg Saturday evening who said Deputy Arant was resting at home following the incident. sheriff pigg said Arant was “sore, banged up, and bruised.” Deputy Arant is surprised that the two suspects are alive following the crash.

The Red River Sun Editor Ginger Wilson said the two undocumented Mexican Nationals are still in critical condition but have both have been charged with felony charges including assault on a peace officer. Attempting to take the officer’s weapon, evading arrest, and detention, and possession of more than four ounces and less than five pounds of marijuana. Hugo Vargas faces additional charges of felony escape from custody because he got out of the handcuffs and fled the scene.

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