Illegal Aliens Kidnap, Rape, and Kill Young Child, Look At Their Face Now After What The Judge Just Did To Them!

Two young guys from El Salvador spent the day in court defending their innocence as their victims lie dead or brutally raped, and they did it with a huge sick smile.

The young men are illegal immigrants from El Salvador and part of the MS-13 gang. They had a Satanic shrine and are accused of killing one teenager and kidnapping/raping another.

This is a gang known to commit violent and sexual crimes, particularly on teenage girls. This is a perfectly good reason why people should be trained in firearms for self defense.

The worst part about this is watching the rapists and murderers smile for the camera. They face potential life sentences in prison, so I’m not sure what’s to smile about.

Winning $5 from a scratch off lottery ticket will make someone smile, but facing a judge whose about to take the rest of your life away might get the opposite.

Look at these guys. They look like they’re about to get a drivers license and it’s the happiest day of their life. The truth is, they killed and raped people and this is the look they give to the camera.

Gang leader Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores, 22, who also goes by ‘Diabolico,’ and 18-year-old Diego Alexan Hernandez-Rivera appeared in Houston court Wednesday on charges of aggravated kidnapping and murder.

The MS-13 gang members laughed, smiled and waved in court.

Prosecutors said the two kidnapped a 14-year-old girl after she left school around February 2, holding her in an apartment where she was raped by a gang member.

Authorities say she was held against her will there for two weeks, given drugs and alcohol to keep her disoriented, and sexually assaulted by some of the men.

She also said she was held down while Flores tattooed a giant grim reaper from her knee to her foot, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The gang that is terrorizing America: 10 illegal immigrant members of MS-13 among 13 arrested in New York for killing three high school students

Thirteen members of the same gang were arrested in New York on Thursday for allegedly killing three high school students.

The trio, including two best friends, were attacked with a machete and baseball bats as they walked through their suburban neighborhood.

Two known MS-13 gang members, formerly of El Salvador, Miguel Alvarez-Flores, left, and Diego Hernandez-Rivera appear in court in Houston on Thursday

Two guys threw their whole life away to commit crime. There’s many more like them as well. Guys who commit crime and lose the rest of their life for something senseless that ruins the families of other people – for no reason.

What’s the purpose of being in a gang if you get locked up? Why not change the game entirely? Turn your gang into the gang who becomes millionaires instead of murderers. Gangs don’t give you health insurance or pensions or paid vacation. Wouldn’t you want that instead of wondering where your next meal comes from and who you have to steal it from?

What if gangs took their energy and used it to start a business? What if they did something amazing that earns respect and money instead of jail, tears, and blood.

All that youth wasted, lives lost, and what’s it for?

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