Illegal Aliens Release Their Own ‘Bill of Rights’


From Truth Revolt: While professors at American colleges and universities are busy shredding the U.S. Constitution, an immigrant-rights group released its own “Bill of Rights” demanding citizenship, birth certificates, in-state tuition rates, “wage equality,” healthcare, and a bevy of other privileges be conferred to illegal aliens.

According to the Washington Times, the faux-bill makes 10 “demands” (to parallel the 10 items on the actual Bill of Rights), one of which is to “end arrests and deportations” of “all law-abiding undocumented Americans” and “compel authorization of birth certificates” for children of illegal aliens born in the U.S.

The document was released by a group dubbed, “United We Stay,” which comprises first generation American and illegal immigrant social justice warriors.

“We know we have human rights, even though our very presence is deemed illegal and our existence alien. Now we have our own Bill of Rights and we want it to be the framework for every immigration decision going forward from the local to the national level,” the group said in a statement announcing their demands.

The 10 points include a demand that they be accorded respect; calls for citizenship rights and an immediate deferment of deportations; in-state tuition at public colleges; “wage equality”; medical care; and protection against deportation if illegal immigrants report a crime as a witness.

The list also includes a specific demand for “compelled authorization of birth certificates for our U.S.-born children.”

Of course, the “bill” also takes umbrage with the term “illegal aliens” and insists the term “Undocumented Americans” be applied instead.

In reality, it is highly unlikely that any lawmaker, despite his or her promises, will effectively deport over a dozen-million illegal immigrants. Perhaps that very fact alone is what emboldens immigrant-rights groups like these in the first place. What lawmakers can do, however, is show leadership and fortitude in squashing the demands of people who have absolutely no right to make them.

Few can blame illegal immigrants for their desire to seek a better life and even for risking all to come here. But once on foreign soil, you would think a level of modesty, a “keep your head down” approach would be wise, given their status. Instead, the hubris displayed is simply staggering. In what alternate universe do immigrants overrun a given country, “squat” there illegally, and from their perch think they have leverage to make demands for privileges — half of which actual American citizens don’t even receive? A rhetorical question, to be sure.

The immigrants of today are far different from the immigrants of yesteryear. It is obvious through their social-action protests, “Bill of Rights,” and their very own words and deeds that they are interested in citizenship in name only, and not because — as previous immigrants did — they wish to become truly American. 


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