Illegal Deported 15 Times In 15 Years Left Little Boy Like This – Judge Just Gave Him 16th Chance For SICK Reason

How does an all expense paid trip once a year for life sound to you? Good? Yeah, that sounds like quite a prize to me. And it’s what one Mexican national gets just for entering this country illegally. One unfortunate reality of our messed up immigration system is getting that, plus he’s now put a 6-year-old boy in the hospital due to his blatant disregard for our country’s laws.

This illegal has been caught, sent home, and somehow returned 15 times in 15 years. That’s 15 arrests for heaven knows what crimes in the past. 15 trips back to Mexico and 15 trips back across the border illegally. And people say border security isn’t an issue here because “they just want a better life.” Apparently what they want to do is live somewhere that they can break the law with more lenient consequences, not a better life.

Via Fox 59:

“CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A California boy is recovering from head injuries after the car his family was driving in was hit by an alleged drunk driver who has been deported over a dozen times, officials say.

Lennox, 6, was with his mom and dad coming home from Disneyland before the accident Saturday evening. His parents had just bought him a milkshake at the burger joint In-N-Out in San Ysidro and were a block from their home when a vehicle collided with their car.

According to his uncle on a GoFundMe page, Lennox was in the rear passenger seat when a truck ‘came flying around the corner, wheels squealing and slammed into them. They went through a guardrail and stopped facing the opposite direction.’

Border Patrol agents came upon the crash at the intersection of Camino De La Plaza and Dairy Mart Road around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, found multiple victims and called local authorities.

An investigation determined the hit-and-run suspect was driving a Chevrolet pickup truck. Border Patrol agents found a damaged vehicle matching the description at Vista Lane and Corte Amalia in San Ysidro about a half hour later.

San Diego police arrested the driver, who was suspected of driving under the influence and leaving a crash scene with injured people. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement official told KSWB, the driver, identified as Constantino Banda-Acosta, was a Mexican national who has been deported 15 times over the course of 15 years.

Lennox suffered serious head injuries and underwent surgery, according to his uncle. The boy’s parents suffered minor injuries.

Agents arrested the passenger in the pickup and transported him to a Border Patrol station and processed him for removal proceedings, according to Border Patrol officials.

Banda pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges, including DUI, hit-and-run crash resulting in injuries and driving without a license. If he’s found guilty, Banda faces seven years in prison. His bail was set at $230,000.”

I’m not sure what anyone expected would happen. If we’re letting our country be bombarded by lawbreakers, what exactly do you think they’re going to do when they get here? Did you feel like that breaking the law to get into the country was a one-time exception for them, and now that they’re here they’ll follow every single law handed down for them? Maybe some will, maybe you even know some that do.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that 75% of those entering the United States illegally are fantastic people, and the other 25% are chronic violent criminals. In other words, they continue breaking the law over and above the law breaking it took to get here. That means that with a current illegal immigrant population of about 10 million, we’ve got 2.5 million repeat offenders and another 175,000 entering each year (that’s 25% of the estimated 700k new illegals that enter the U.S. each year). That would mean that about every 5-5 years we’re getting an influx of a million new violent offenders.

That’s not even addressing the fact that each criminal in our prison system on average costs the taxpayers upwards of $30,000 a year. You think the prisons are crowded now? If somebody doesn’t put an end to this madness it’s about to get real bad real fast. Just this dirt bag is going to cost you and me hundreds of thousands of dollars if he spends his prison time here.

Why don’t you go talk to this little guy’s mom and dad about the percentage of good illegals you know. About how much you love your housekeeper and how your gardener is an artist. I’m sure that will make their son well, and they’ll completely see the light.

(Source: Fox 59)

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