Illegal Freeloaders PISSED After Showing Up For Their Freebies And Being Faced With Their WORST Nightmare Instead!

The influx of refugees entering countries around the world is staggering. These bloodsucking parasites are not wanting to assimilate to their new home countries. Instead, they rather walk in, take the benefits and destroy the country. People are about done with being pushed around by these welfare moochers and one country is finally doing something about it.

In Australia, refugees that enter the country are being told they have to learn English or they can forget about that welfare check. The Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre (SMRC) has proposed a new set of stringent rules, and they seem pretty simple to me.

Refugees in Australia are being told they have to learn English in order to keep benefits.Refugees must learn English, in order to keep their welfare payments.

To begin with, Refugees must learn English if they want their benefits. Secondly, benefits must be linked to English classes and not activity testing. Lastly, refugees have a 13-week window for receiving benefits and must either find work or study.

Here is more from the U.S. Herald:

“The proposal to remove “futile activity testing” and instead link welfare payments to refugee’s actually attending English classes is a more realistic approach for refugees arriving in Australia, who receive the 13-weeks of government benefits, before finding work or study, which means that refugees often give up learning English if they lose their welfare payments.

Australian Community Organizer Liberal MP Jason Wood, outlined the dilemma that refugees and the Commonwealth face stating during an interview: ‘It is very apparent that the lack of English on arrivals for new migrants makes it extremely difficult, even though 510 hours of English is provided by government, evidence suggests most new arrivals only access about 340 hours.”

There is nothing wrong with expecting refugees to assimilate to the language and culture of the country they are in. They expect to receive benefits, housing, and medical care but refuse to give in anything in return.

I can only hope that we as American adopt something similar to this program. If they don’t like they can go back to the cess they came from, and there will be no tears from me.

What do you think about this proposal?

H/T [ Daily Mail ]

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