Illegal Immigrant Charged for Kidnapping, Raping 6-Year-Old Texas Girl

An illegal immigrant has been arrested and charged with committing a horrible crime. Edis Moya Alas, a 35-year-old who is originally from El Salvador, is accused of kidnapping a six-year-old girl and then brutally raping her.

The girl’s parents say that they all went to sleep at their Fort Worth home around 10:00 pm on October 7th, but her father noticed that the front door was open and his daughter was missing around 4:00 am the next day. The family notified police, and a search party was immediately organized.

It wasn’t until around 2:00 pm that she was found after a witness heard screams coming from a patch of woods near Titus Park, and alerted police. Alas allegedly took the girl to the woods and raped her. When officers arrived at the wooded area, the girl saw them and ran towards them. “She was very scared. She was very nervous,” police officers said. “We owe a great debt to the citizen that actually heard the screams and notified us to go into that field area.” Officials still aren’t sure how Alas gained access to the child’s home, or if he knew her before the attack.

After Alas was caught, police notified Immigration Customs Enforcement officials, who told police that he was in the country illegally. He was arrested and is being held in jail with a $200,000 bond.

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