Illegal Alien Posed As Veteran To Get Benefits— VIDEO!

If illegal immigrants aren’t citizens, how can they possibly claim welfare benefits? Such is an argument I often hear from my liberal friends. Not only does it neglect the fact that the children of illegal immigrants born on US soil will become citizens (and thus eligible for a number of benefits), but they’ll also place a burden on public schools and the healthcare system too.

And that’s not all. These liberals act as if welfare fraud isn’t something that exists. Newsflash: it does. Conservative Outfitters reports on the latest case of Stolen Valor – and how it was abused to game the system.

Undocumented illegal immigrant Rene Ortiz Quintana stole the identity of a dead solider to get benefits totaling close to $30,000. The 69-year-old Quintana had been using the identity of Ruben J. Gallardo who died in 1994.

According to police the illegal immigrant used the stolen identity to obtain an Arizona identification card, state health card, Phoenix health plan card and a VA choice card (allowing veterans to receive medical care at Non-VA facilities) in addition to social security benefits.

Quintana received benefits totaling $29,062.19 and has been charged with fraudulent schemes, theft and seven counts of identity theft along with six counts of forgery. Police say Rene Ortiz Quintana has been living illegally in the United States illegally for 50 years.

Here’s a report on the incident:

And yes – he lived in the US illegally for five decades.

Not to veer completely off topic, but we live in a country where the government can’t keep track of tens of millions of illegal immigrants. Why do liberals think that if they implemented gun control they would be able to keep track of 300 million guns?

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