Multiple Victims After Illegal Goes On Independence Day Massacre With Very Specific Target

What happens when your country catches an illegal immigrant criminal, deports him, and he comes back worse than ever? He commits even more crimes and makes America unsafe. That’s what happened when an illegal immigrant returned to America illegally. Even worse is that the immigrant criminal hates women and thinks running them over with a car is the best thing to do.

The repeated deportee came back to America and caused even more chaos and injuries when he ran over three women in a “borrowed” car. The man is reported to have not been very happy with women in general, so he pulled a jihad on them like a Muslim extremist and tried to oppress the ladies with his “borrowed” vehicle.

A repeatedly deported criminal alien from Mexico allegedly ran down three women with his car because he was “upset with women in general.”

Police in the border town of Laredo, Texas, arrested 24-year-old Lorenzo Alonso Romero on May 28 for allegedly running down three women with his car, the Laredo Morning-Times reported. Despite the date of the attacks, police are just now releasing Romero’s motivation behind the assaults.

“Lorenzo indicated that he was upset over the fact that approximately two years ago, his neighbor had filed a report against him, in which he was arrested for an aggravated assault, claiming the allegations to have been false,” the criminal complaint stated.

Everyone gets upset with women…and men…and that’s it because there are only two real genders. But when you’re upset with someone, is running over someone ELSE with a car a good idea? Not usually. If John Bobbit ran over Lorena with a tank, because she cut off his penis, then sure – people could nod their head and say “I can understand why he did that” but Mr. Romero was wrong for what he did.
Romero is mad at his neighbor for filing a report more false than the fake news you get from CNN. He “claimed” the allegations were fake, but we have no way to verify this. His anger towards his neighbor need to be dealt with properly, which means taking it up with the neighbor and NOT running over three innocent women who have nothing to do with him or her.
You can’t take out extra anger on innocent people. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

The document explains that Romero wanted to retaliate against the woman who filed the report, but also took out his frustrations on other women as well.

On May 27, Romero reportedly struck three women with a 2001 black Oldsmobile Aurora he borrowed from his place of work.

My biggest shock is that an Oldsmobile from 2001 is still running, let alone running people over. Wow, that car is pretty old to be running over gals like it’s a screen capture from GTAV.

One of the women said she saw the car accelerate in her direction while she crossed the street. Two hours later, Romero reportedly struck another jogging near a school. He struck that woman from behind and then intentionally backed his car over her again, the complaint states.

A third woman reportedly noticed a black car following her. She told police the vehicle struck her from behind.

I’m thinking the third woman could’ve dodged the Olds. When you see a car following you, then you find a place to get out of the way. On second thought, we don’t know the distance between the car and woman and perhaps the 2001 Oldsmobile had enough juice to catch up to the woman and run her over before she was able to figure out what was transpiring.

After he told police he was angry about the woman who reported him previously, they asked why he was still upset. “He stated he was just upset with women in general and was taking out his frustration on random women he would encounter,” the complaint detailed.

Police said he admitted to striking the three women with the car he borrowed.

This is not Romero’s first run-in with local or federal law enforcement agencies. Officials report Romero has been deported twice to his native country of Mexico.

I’m upset with liberals in general, but do you see me running over bodies like it’s my job? I’m not actually upset with liberals or anyone, but even if I was, then I wouldn’t run over random people to make things better. Romero’s crime made things worse. Now he’ll be deported again as if that’s all he wants to do.

Thankfully the women survived and were treated for their injuries. However, women minding their own business in America should not be subject to random attacks with cars.

Should we ban cars now? Of course not, because that argument is silly.

Should we deport this man? Nope. Let’s hold him here and waterboard him or make him watch The View for 11 weeks in a row. If someone breaks into America and commits this many horrible crimes, then America should be allowed to keep and punish the person committing the crimes. What’s a little extra torture to teach a lesson? Immigrants will have two options. 1) come to America legally and contribute to society 2) come to America illegally, contribute to society, and don’t break the law or get caught. There can’t be any other way. If an immigrant gets caught because they’re breaking ANOTHER law, then America should be allowed to do whatever they want after the third offense.

Mess up once or twice, OK – go home.

Mess up a third time and you’re gonna regret it!

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