Illegal Who Killed A Family In Ohio Walks Away With A Smirk – Then Look What Happened To Him

Illegal immigrant Mexican, Alejandro Ramirez-Jaramillo, killed a family of three when he allegedly whizzed through an AMERICAN stop sign, possibly drunk, and caused a crash that sent his and another car into a field. The passengers of the other car, parents and a child, were all deceased at the scene of the crime.

Jaramillo knew he messed up, but maybe he thought he had an OUT. Maybe he thought because he was an illegal immigrant that he could confess his lack of citizenship and potentially be deported before being found guilty of a crime.

Jaramillo went to the American court to face the American judge of the American legal system. This isn’t his hometown, that’s for sure. If he walked in with a smirk on his face, thinking he’d get away with triple vehicular homicide because he’s not a citizen, then he was more wrong than two transgenders in a fist fight. If it was like he didn’t care because he was an illegal, then he was mistaken.

Our lovely American judge smacked any smirks off his face and hit him with a sack of American justice.

Jaramillo has been charged with vehicular homicide in relation to the crash. The Ohio State Highway Patrol believes he had been drinking before the crash.

An agent from border patrol says Jaramillo is a Mexican citizen. When questioned, Jaramillo freely admitted that he was in the United State illegally.

During an arraignment on Monday morning, Jaramillo pleaded not guilty to three counts of negligent vehicular homicide. He’s being held in jail on a $100,000 bond with no 10 percent.

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How does he expect to get that $100,000 to be set free? Maybe they can wire it from Mexico. Is his one phone call allowed to be long distance to Mexico? Who’s paying the phone bill? Is that us, the taxpayer? Jaramillo doesn’t even speak English, so now what? I guess he sits and awaits his trial. His bond is set high because he’s determined to be a flight risk. If convicted on all counts, the pos faces 24 years in prison – where he will surely become acquainted with some ball-busting bangers who will take his scum a$$ down a notch.

If he wasn’t in this country as an illegal immigrant, then three people might still be alive today. A family lost THREE members due to an illegal immigrant possibly drunk driving through a stop sign and creating the situation that led to three unnecessary fatalities.

One mistake by an illegal immigrant ruined a family and left them with a nightmare that could’ve been avoided if the immigrant didn’t break numerous laws. Maybe nothing could’ve prevented this accident, but maybe if he wasn’t in the country illegally then he wouldn’t have run that stop sign.

One American judge will do his or her best to bring American justice to a family who’s been temporarily defeated by an illegal immigrant.

They will be resilient and bounce back, but their loss is forever daunting.

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