Illegal Mexican Who Stomped His Twin Boys’ Skulls In, Gets NASTY Karma When Trump’s Boys Showed Up

An illegal immigrant father has been captured and charged with two counts of 1st-degree assault. The victims are his own children, twins who are almost 2-years-old.

Nicholas Corona-Garcia, 37, beat his kids so bad that they had damage to their ribs, pelvis, femur, liver, spleen, torso, head, hips, and intestines to name a few. It’s stated that one child looks so deprived and abused that he resembled someone who would’ve been a victim at a “concentration camp.”

This sick depraved Mexican also abused his wife when she tried to stop it.

Having him arrested is probably the best news his family has ever received.

MARSHALL, Mo. — Nicholas Corona-Garcia, 37, is charged in Saline County, Mo., with two counts of 1st degree assault. The victims are Corona-Garcia’s twin sons, who were 23-months-old at the time.

The physician told police that the lacerations to the liver and spleen and hematoma on top of an adrenal gland indicated a ‘very traumatic event to the belly.’ She said injuries like they had, would usually only be seen in traumatic events such as motor accidents.

She also told police she had seen Corona-Garcia kick the boys hard enough to knock them down, seen him punch them in the torso, hit them in the head with toys or other objects and also stomp on their hips when they were on the ground.

Reports state that Corona-Garcia beat the twins because they had lighter hair than his other children and didn’t look like him. I hope they’re not his kids and the real father takes better care of the family.

If Corona-Garcia is their father, then I hope the kids don’t ever see him again. They need a real father in their life. The kids and mother deserve a lot better than some illegal immigrant who beats them so bad that their organs suffer injuries and their skulls are smashed with toys.

It’s one thing to discipline your kid when they get caught stealing or do something else terrible (or funny), but beating your wife and kids day after day is a crime that I believe is punishable by death.

He should be electrocuted slowly.

If he isn’t, then the prisoners will take care of him. They don’t like child abusers in jail. Enjoy a life long sentence on your knees. I’m sure the taste of a grown man will last forever in this guy’s sick abusive mouth.

Anyone else think border security is needed MORE after reading about this monster?

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