Illegal Nearly Gouges Hero Cop’s Eyes Out, But He Didn’t Need To See To Inflict PERFECTLY Painful Justice

Congrats liberals, this one is on you. How many more Americans have to be savagely victimized by these vermin before your love fest with these savages ends?

As liberals keep fighting to bring more unvetted migrants and illegals into our country, horrifying atrocities at the hands of these vermin continue to occur. Several weeks ago, a teen in Maryland was brutally gang raped in her high school bathroom by illegals. Now a police officer in Florida has almost been maimed by one of these savages, in a story that will leave you absolutely livid.

Early Sunday morning, Lt. William Weldon responded to a tripped alarm at a jewelry store in Brandenton, Florida, after a burglar tried to make off with a sack full of goodies. That’s when the officer would encounter 23-year-old illegal Issac Dubon, and from there it would be a fight for his life. Lt. Weldon said he could tell that the man was unarmed, so he put his gun away in order to keep things from escalating.  But that was a near-fatal mistake… as he would soon learn.

The officer had thought that he could gain control of the situation, but would quickly realize that the thug had no intentions of complying with his demands. The illegal thug then lunged at the officer, where he began savagely attacking Weldon like a feral animal, going straight for his eyes in a brutal attempt to gouge them completely out.

“I was afraid for my life,” recalled Lt. Weldon. “He wouldn’t comply, but I could see that he didn’t have anything in his hands, so he was unarmed at the moment that I saw, so I wasn’t going to fire on an unarmed man, so I put my handgun, weapon away. His fingers were going into my eye sockets,” said Weldon.

From there, the officer was literally in the fight for his life, as the feral illegal then tried to go for his gun.

“My life was in danger and I needed to do whatever I could do to get out there alive. I feel I would’ve been justified in shooting him, but deadly force is to be used as a last resort and I had one other resort that I could’ve used and I used it. If that resort didn’t work, then there’s a chance that I would’ve used lethal force,” Weldon said.

Weldon was luckily able to break free, but not before the illegal dirtbag lunged at him again. At that point, Weldon was having difficultly seeing after suffering from savage attack to his eyeballs.

“I was seeing multiple images of him so I didn’t know exactly where I was at, so you see me waving my hand back and forth [on the video],” he said.

Lt. William Weldon left, illegal dirtbag Issac Dubon right

The officer finally pistol-whipped the illegal, as one last-ditch effort to stay alive as backup officers finally arrived on the scene. It was just in time too, as the officer said he was nearing the point of complete exhaustion from the crazed fight.

“It’s easy to sit back and look at a video and say ‘well, I could’ve done this I could’ve done that,’ but in the heat of the moment, you got milliseconds to make decisions and you make the best decision you can at the moment. We don’t come to work thinking we’re gonna have to shoot somebody or we want to shoot somebody, so anytime that you can get into a fight like this and you walk away, both people walk away, then it’s always a good day,” he added.

Dubon is an illegal from Honduras who is a suspect in other crimes in the local area. He is currently being detained at the Manatee County Jail as authorities decide whether to deport him or sentence him.

As for Lt. Weldon, he is receiving accolades from Police Chief Melanie Bevan, who is commending his bravery as well as his commitment to the job, as Weldon was right back on duty the following day. She gave him some time off to recover however, sending him home to spend time with his family.

Congrats liberals, this one is on you. How many more Americans have to be savagely victimized by these vermin before your love fest with these savages ends?


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