QUESTION – Should Illegal Who Raped 12-Year-Old Girl More Than A Dozen Times Be Executed? TAKE OUR POLL

It was President Elect Trump who brought attention to the violent illegal immigrants living in our country who are committing violent crimes such as rape, murder and more. People were baffled when just a week later headlines showed an illegal immigrant murdered a young man in California. Now it has happened again.

An illegal immigrant living in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania was arrested for raping and molesting a twelve year old little girl over a dozen times. A judge has placed him on a $1 million bond that he presumable is unable to afford to pay.

The animal who committed this crime is Jorge Luis Ramirez and he is from Honduras, in Latin America. Reports indicate he molested this young girl at a church no less. The victims parents told the media that Ramirez attacked their daughter while she was in the process of attending Redemption Episcopal Church in the Southampton.

The charges that he faces are aggravated indecent assault of a child, unlawful contact with a minor and indecent assault of a child as well as corruption of minors. Illegal immigrants in Texas and Iowa were also caught violating girls who were in their preteens.

One of the greatest injustices of this case is that the assailants should never have been in this country to begin with in the first place. If the system has done things right to begin with these young girls would not be scarred for life. But because the Obama administration has a open door policy anarchy has followed in America. People like this should get the death penalty but in all likelihood they will just get a long prison sentence which is a small consolation.
Should Illegal Who Raped 12-Year-Old-Girl More Than a Dozen Times Be Executed? TAKE OUR POLL in Freedom Daily ‘s Hangs on LockerDome

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