Illegal Rapes 3 Jersey Girls After School, Gets BRUTAL Lesson In How Things Are Done In Trump’s America!

The mainstream media is quick to defend illegal immigrants as hardworking individuals who only want a better life. They continue to create further division by calling anyone who opposes illegal immigration as racists. They fail to face the facts that these people are hardly law abiding and most of them have criminal records. Case in point is this horrific story that has emerged from Long Branch, New Jersey when three girls were viciously attacked by, you guessed it, an illegal immigrant. reported on the terrifying incident.

On Tuesday afternoon three girls, ages 12 to 14, were approached by a man as they had either just exited their school buses or were walking home from school, Public Safety Director Jason Roebuck said in a release.

During the first two incidents, the man forcibly robbed the two girls of their cell phones. In both of these cases, the bus drivers and bus aides witnessed the robberies, came to the aid of the victims, and brought them back onto the bus, Roebuck said.

The third incident happened as one of the girls was walking home from school and the man picked her up and attempted to remove her from the area, Roebuck said. A classmate helped the girl fight off her alleged attacker, he added.

All three incidents occurred within minutes of each other.

This illegal may have thought he was about to get away with his crime if had not been for these quick thinking people. They were able to pull these girls to safety so that this pervert could not do any further harm.

Thankfully, we have a president that is taking the deportation of these violent criminals seriously. For the 8 years. Obama has allowed these animals to run freely without little consequence. Now, there is a new sheriff in town, and he is not going to allow these monsters to off any more.

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