Illegal “Refugees” Hitch Ride on Semi… Open Doors and Find Utter TERROR Waiting Inside (VIDEO)


(Conservative Tribune) Millions of illegal “refugees” from Syria and other parts of the Middle East have been swarming European countries in hopes of getting asylum (and, in a number of cases, free stuff from the government).

Migrants in a video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday thought they were getting a free ride into the United Kingdom in a tractor-trailer. However, what they didn’t know that they would be sharing a ride with a polar bear.

As you’ve no doubt heard, one of the major destinations for these migrants has been England, where Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to take in a number of the refugees. However, given the English Channel, it’s somewhat more difficult for migrants to make the same sorts of border crossings they’ve been making into countries like Germany and Austria.

One of the strategies migrants have employed to try to get around this is to gather around the entrance to the English Channel tunnel in Calais, France, and try to hitch a ride into Great Britain.

This video from RT showed what happens when a group of migrants tried to force their way into the back of a truck nearing the tunnel.

As it turns out, the truck was carrying a giant polar bear bound for a wildlife park in the north of England:

Several of the men still decided to take their chance with the hungry ursine creature, being that it was caged and all. However, not too far down the road, they were taken out of the truck by French police and arrested. The polar bear was allowed to continue, in spite of its apparent lack of passport.

Calais has become one of the hotspots in the migrant crisis. Last month, French authorities broke up a group of illegal camps in the French port city. It’s estimated that the population of migrants waiting in the illegal camps to cross into England has grown from 300 at the beginning of the year to 3,000.

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