Illegal Woman Just Caught In Denver Church With 2 Terrified Boys, Nobody Will Touch Them For Disturbing Reason

The recent immigration order has everyone going crazy. Despite the fact it was lifted temporarily while it makes its way through the judicial system. The left and the mainstream media are trying to depict this as a Nazi-Germany era type of deportation and systemic form of discrimination. Despite the fact that it is not.

One story regarding this issue just made headlines. A woman of Mexican descent who is trying to avoid deportation is holed up in a Denver, Colorado church. Immigration authorities had denied her request to remain in the United States and she did not know what to do.

Her name is Jeanette Vizguerra. Authorities were alerted that something was wrong when she failed to appear for her scheduled check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. This organization is colloquially known as ICE. Instead her attorney went as her agent.

Vizguerra is a mother of four and she emigrated to Colorado back in 1997 more than twenty years ago when she fled Mexico City. Over one hundred supporters protested outside the church on her behalf. Her attorney went inside to tell her that her extension had been denied.

However, what has not been commonly reported is that she had several traffic tickets in Colorado that eventually led to her being charged with a misdemeanor of forging documents.

While it certainly is a story that will make anyone’s heart bleed that does not mean she should be allowed to remain in the United States. There are plenty of American citizens who have got speeding tickets. Should she reapply for citizenship she could absolutely be given another chance. But the law is the law.

The law states she has to go because her request was denied. As Donald Trump himself said, coming and living in America is a privilege that must be earned and not a right. People would do well to remember that.

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