Illegals Create Human Wall To Stop ICE Deportation Buses – Realizes BIG Mistake When They Get Full Frontal Surprise

Ever since Donald Trump was elected as president the left has been throwing one temper tantrum after another. They have accused President Trump and all of us who support him of being racist bigoted sexist xenophobes.

These accusations, of course, stem from the fact that we want stronger borders, halt the number of refugees entering the country, and have our immigration laws enforced. And, according to the left, those are terrible offenses.

Over the last several months we have seen how the left has taken to the streets to protests ICE raids. Instead of these people realizing that we are finally enforcing our immigration laws, they have decided to cause a ruckus. However, each and every time they attempt to stop a deportation they end up with a nasty surprise.

For instance, in February liberal snowflakes began to protest the deportation of Garcia de Rayos. Rayos is a convicted felon and was promptly discovered by immigration officials and marked for deportation. Instead of people allowing justice to take its course, they showed up and made more of a scene then there needed to be.

Garcia De Rayos

U.S. Herald reported:

The incident, of course, sparked demonstrations when it was brought to public attention on Wednesday, as crowds gathered outside ICE headquarters at North Central Avenue. The brief video clip shows an ICE van leaving the underground garage just before midnight with perhaps Garcia de Rayos inside, and demonstrators attempted to block the vehicle, shouting and chanted “Justice!” and “Power to the people, no one is illegal!

In the end, Rayos was still deported but that has not stopped these idiots from continuing with the protests.

Also, there were the activists that blocked a Hartford, CT Field Office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. These idiots decided that they would protest the deportation orders of Luis Barrios.

NBC reports:

Luis Barrios, 52, left Guatemala 25 years ago, but said he has been on the radar of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, since police pulled him over in 2011 because a taillight on his truck was out and he has a deportation order to take a one-way 4 a.m. flight from New York to Guatemala Thursday.

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) have written to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, seeking reconsideration of the decision to deport Barrios.

An ICE spokesperson told The New Haven Register the agency is closely monitoring Barrios’ case “to ensure his timely departure in compliance with the 1998 final order of removal.”

Guess what? They are still going to deport him. And, of course, today is no exception to the rule.

The misguided liberals in San Franciso decided they would play hooky from work today to protest on ‘May Day’. These liberal nutjobs took to the streets to protest against President Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. Of course, these liberals decided to protest enforcing our immigration laws in a truly disgusting way.

The protesters took to the streets marching and chanting in Spanish. They marched to towards the ICE deportation buses and blocked those that were about to be deported that day.

Here are some videos from this insane protest today.


Here is more from Gateway Pundit:

Protesters took to the streets today instead of working to participate in a ‘May Day’ march. Makes sense.

‘May Day’ or ‘International Worker’s Day’ has sparked protests across the country. Leftists will be out protesting President Trump, LGBT rights, climate justice and immigrants’ rights because apparently, we don’t have rights here in the U.S.

These protesters in San Francisco were chanting in Spanish as they blocked the exit for ICE deportation buses. Imagine going to another country and chanting in English while blocking their law enforcement vehicles. This is only possible in a country where hysterics and degenerates have been in power too long, emboldening the lawbreakers.

However, while these idiots may have successfully blocked the deportation buses today they do end up losing in the end. You see this protest just like all the rest they do turned out to be a tremendous waste of time. See, little did they realize is that these buses will still run and all those illegals will be deported.

Surprise idiots!

It is really quite simple folks if these people want to come to America all they have to do is come the right way. Until then no matter how many times these liberal idiots protest and march in the streets illegals will still be deported.

What do you think about these protesters? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]

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