Illegals and Liberals Coming After Melania – Here’s The DISGUSTING Thing They’re Blaming Her For

Everybody likes to talk about immigration reform, but President Trump didn’t; he changed the conversation to immigration enforcement. The necessary laws are already in place, we just need a little follow through in order to keep the peace. Things like sanctuary cities are causing the illegals immigrants to think that they’ll be able to break our laws and get away with it indefinitely.

Because of the considerable strain this causes to the economy, not to mention the bad precedent set by those who are disregarding our nation’s laws, the President made it clear while he was running for office that he would do something about this problem. A nation that isn’t allowed to enforce its own laws will be a nation lost, and we were dangerously close to with our previous leadership.

Since the President has made it clear that he’s anti-illegal immigration, there seems to be a huge push to say make the world believe that he’s anti-immigrant. This is absurd for a number of reasons, but the most obvious of which is that he’s married to an immigrant. But instead of letting this have the obvious impact on the conversation, liberals are calling it inconsistent that he’s married to an immigrant and wants to deport illegals. That insanity has gotten even more traction since talk of the executive branch rolling back the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been swirling.

Newsbusters covered this supposed inconsistency on the part of the President that liberals are turning into a chance to attack the First Lady:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid guest-hosted The Rachel Maddow Show August 31 where she essentially called President Trump a hypocrite for wanting to end DACA because he’s “married to an immigrant.”

Lest Reid forget, DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and applies to illegal immigrant children and young adults who were under 31 in June of 2012, when the act was implemented by President Obama. Nevermind that Melania didn’t come to the U.S. as a child and became a naturalized American citizen years ago, before DACA was even around.

But forget those pesky details. Reid went on a snarky rant against the possibility that Trump will end the Obama-era program that benefits illegal immigrants, even inviting an illegal immigrant journalist-activist on to the program to complain about all the pending doom.

Reid began by explaining that though White House aides denied early reports, Trump is most likely going to end the program, after attorneys general from ten states threatened to take legal action against the president if he does not do so. Reid had no sympathy but only snark for Trump’s impending decision:

But you know, guys, presidenting is hard and poor Donald Trump is apparently having a really tough time making his decision. At least that’s what anonymous White House aides would like for us to believe. The headline yesterday, ‘Trump at war with himself over dreamers: Administration officials say he’s conflicted between his instinct to be tough on immigration and his personal feelings.’

Well at least we know who’s the real victim here,” she snarked.

Reid then brought on guest Jose Antonio Vargas, who rose to fame in the past five years as the media’s leftist hero on illegal immigration. Despite being a radical who wanted to ban the word “illegal” from mainstream media coverage on illegal immigration, (a goal it looks like he’s mostly achieved), he has been praised by virtually every media outlet for his anti-American activism. He was even hired by the Washington Post as a reporter, and partnered with the L.A. Times to create a site on “race, immigration and multiculturalism.” Vargas was even given a starring role in a full length documentary of his life by CNN.

Clearly the media’s darling, Reid introduced Vargas as her “friend” before he jumped in to explain “what’s at stake”:

“Again, what’s really at stake here is how do we define American in this country,” Vargas lamented. Seems to be an obvious answer here, but Reid just lapped up the leftist nonsense.

“Yes!” she emphatically agreed.

“That’s what’s at stake. Our moral conscience is at stake,” Vargas sighed. He went on to worry that virtually every service sector in our country would be at stake, because of all the “undocumented” teachers, nurses, medical students, firefighters, police officers and military members:

No one would disagree that this country was built on immigrants. We’re almost all an immigrant in some way or another. And yes, there are people all around the world that could probably have a better life if they were to live here in the United States. The thing that we’re supposed to take away from that is that we should be grateful for what we have because we get to live here. What liberals are taking away from that is that we should let our guilt make us throw open our doors and accept whoever wants to skip over the border.

Aside from the obvious national problems that a plan like that would cause, what would we have if our president was completely okay with law breakers? If we’d wanted that, we would have elected Hillary. President Trump and his immigrant wife aren’t anti-immigration, and anyone who says that they are is trying to shove an agenda down your throat by using emotional fueled nonsense. The president wants to enforce the laws that were passed in this country for a reason. That’s still okay, last time we checked.

[H/T: Newsbusters]

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