IT’S WORKING! Look What Illegals Are Doing Now After Trump Announced 2nd Round of Immigration Orders

The evidence that illegal immigrants are feeling the pressure to leave the country is right here. Border agents up north on the Canadian border were able to capture some photos of the moment that eight asylum-seekers, including four children, refused to obey law enforcement and made a run for the border that was yards away.

This all happened when their vehicle was stopped on the US side of the border, and an officer attempted to check the passport and documents of the passenger driver. All the sudden, the doors flew open and the adults and children in the vehicle made a mad dash for Canada.

One by one they all climbed across a gully that served as a border marker.

Of course, the Daily Mail writes this original story as if these people were escaping the oppressive USA, and the Royal Canadian officers watching from the other side with hearts of gold were there to helped them up, and whisk them away from the evil clutches of the American officer.

Really pathetic attempt at screwing the story, but what do you expect from a liberal English new site.

The US officer who held the first man, calling over to his Canadian comrades on the opposite side that his papers needed to be verified.

It was at this time that the man turned to a pile of his belongings that had been taken out of the vehicle and decide to throw a tantrum – You know, the kind you see from unstable folks – and threw the luggage right into the gully that his supposed friends and family had fled across.

‘Nobody cares about us,’ he yelled. The man and his group of people had come from Sudan and had been working in Delaware for the past two years.

People need to be taken care of, but those same people need to keep the law of the land that they preside in.

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