Millions Of Illegals Just Got Huge Surprise From Trump Today After They Just Tried To Sue Him

For years, under the Obama administration, our borders have been essentially useless. Illegals have flooded over them entering the country and then expect free handouts. Sadly, those freebies were given and the American taxpayer was the one who footed the bill. Now, after years of witnessing these illegals take advantage of our system Americans just received great news.

Back in 2015, 28 women and 33 children attempted to cross the border illegally. These border jumpers were quickly apprehended and brought to Pennsylvania where they were held in custody.

Now, this should have been an open and shut case. These people illegally crossed the border and logic would dictate to send them right back. Well, that would be common sense, right? No, these illegal immigrants decided to challenge their expedited deportation.

The Supreme Court refused to hear the case and agreed with the lower courts decision.

The 3rd United States Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case and ruled that illegal aliens have no constitutional rights to the due process if they are denied entry. Which obviously makes sense.

So, you would think that would have been the end of the story. Nope, not at all. These illegals decided to challenge the lower court’s decision and bring it to the Supreme Court.

Well, on Monday, the SCOTUS crushed their hopes and dreams and refused to even hear the case.

According to Reuters:

The U.S. Supreme Court sidestepped a turbulent debate over illegal immigration on Monday, turning away an appeal by a group of asylum-seeking Central American women and their children who aimed to clarify the constitutional rights of people who the government has prioritized for deportation.

The families, 28 women, and 33 children ages 2 to 17 from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, had hoped the justices would overturn a lower court’s ruling preventing them from having their expedited removal orders reviewed by a federal judge.

That Philadelphia-based court said the status of the families, all apprehended in Texas and later held in Pennsylvania, was akin to non-citizens who are denied entry at the border and they were not entitled to a court hearing to challenge that decision.

This is exactly what needed to be done after all these years of chaos. I still am not understanding what was so hard for anyone to comprehend here, either. Constitutional rights only apply to United States citizens and not people who just want to be here. If these people wanted to be American citizens then all they had to do was apply for citizenship like everyone else before them.

However, that is not how liberals want this country. The left’s desire is to have no borders in order to implement a One World Government. It is all about power and control, and a nation without borders is a way to usher in their diabolical plan.

But, what they were not counting on was President Trump. You see, Trump is establishing America again as a nation of law and order. And, as we know the left cannot stand that their plans for destruction have been thwarted.

Who knows how this case would have ended up if Hillary Clinton had been elected. But, because of Trump’s victory and his appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch we are getting back on the right track.

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H/T [ Truthfeed ]

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