“I’m Not Taking Their Order:” 5 Police Officers Refused Service At Taco Bell

A Taco Bell in Kentucky refused to serve five police officers and also said several kitchen works said they wanted to, “mess with them.” The incident happened on August 18th the Louisville Police Department reportedly said. The police officers were on their lunch break.

Fraternal Order of Police president Dave Mutchler told the media an employee had spoken to the police officers about not taking their order and then proceeded to walked away. The police officers chose to leave and extricate themselves from the acrimonious situation once they heard two kitchen workers talking about messing with them.

The Taco Bell franchise allegedly apologized to the Louisville Police Department and sent tacos their on Wednesday as a makeshift apology and to make amends. They also reported the police officers didn’t want the employees who discriminated against them to be fired so they weren’t.

As police officers they aren’t making an inordinate amount of money so they understand what it means to work a job to make ends meet. They responded with grace and dignity by removing themselves from a potentially dangerous situation and then having the class to not retaliated and asking for mercy for those employees that discriminated against them. For that they should be applauded.


Another similar situation happend a few months ago in Arizona,


The mainstream liberal media doesn’t like to report on these types of discrimination because it does not fit their narrative and agenda. But these types of issues and problems do exist right now as the anti cop rhetoric heats up in the United States in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The best thing people can do is express their support and solidarity for law enforcement officers.

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