“I’m Sick of It”: Medal Of Honor Recipient UNLOADS On Black Lives Matter Thugs

Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient, appeared on SiriusXM radio with Alex Marlow to talk about the recent Dallas shooting of several police officers. Some have said that his actions were a result of PTSD he suffered as a result of being a military veteran. Meyer’s was none to pleased by this insinuation he sounded off.

Meyer said,

“The big picture’s not really about if this is a veteran. I think the picture is, is what there’s these organizations out there doing, that are empowering these individuals to feel like they’re going to do the ‘right thing.’ I think that this person’s a veteran, it really has nothing to do with what is going on, in the situation that happened in Dallas.”

He went on,

“I mean, this person wasn’t acting on behalf of the service. He was acting on behalf of an organization that goes out and seems to — they say they don’t, but they seem to, everywhere they’re at, there’s violence. That’s the issue with putting those views out there.”

Meyer’s placed the responsibility of these tragic deaths on the media’s sensationalization of incidents where African Americans die in police custody.

It’s like a game to them. It’s like, you know, ‘Hey, let’s go out and make people feel this way.’ I’m sick of it. Look, I fought for this country. I feel like I have as much skin in this country as anyone else does, and you know, like everyone who goes and wears the nation’s cloth — whether you’re serving overseas, or you’re serving behind the badge, or you go out and you put other people’s lives before yourself, and to serve other people, taking those risks every day.”

The military hero made some fantastic points,

“When we were overseas, I fought next to African-Americans. I fought next to Hispanics. I fought next to every ethnicity there is. I fought next to Republicans, I fought next to Democrats. Not one day did we go out there and say, ‘You know what? I’m going to fight for black people. Today I’m going to fight for white people. Today I’m going to go out and fight for Muslims, or Christians, or whatever it is, whatever you feel like your American-hyphenated is.”

He spoke highly of the diversity in the military. While also pointing out how progressive liberals denigrate the military and encourage segregation. He stressed that everyone needs to be held accountable, citizens and cops.

He said,

“We’ve all got to go out and hold ourselves accountable. We’ve all got to go out and recognize the issues, every single day. And we’ve got to go out and make sure we don’t go and promote these issues. We’ve got to go out and say and call it what it is… we’ve got to stand together, and with our arms together, with everyone… we’ve got to stand arm-to-arm, and we’ve got to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, not burning down streets and promoting violence.”

Truer words were never spoken.

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