Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!


[pull_quote_left]”There’s a price to pay for ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ and that price has now been marked ‘past due.'”[/pull_quote_left]

How much longer will Americans support style over substance? Articulated speeches over problem solving? Utopian failed policies over successful achievements? Illegal aliens over veterans?

You don’t have to be in touch with reality. You don’t even have to care about the Obama Administration’s destruction of America. Maybe you’re  just sick of all the lies. Maybe you’re just not a fan of golfing. Whatever your reason, sign this petition for a good shout out for your disgraceful White House. You own this country.


Josh is an Army veteran. After graduating with a bachelor degree in business administration and management, his advocacy for veterans is never ending until relieved of duty.