IN FLIGHT EMERGENCY: Man Pulls a Gun on American Airline Flight, Wow How Did He Sneak That One By TSA?! (VIDEO)

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From IJReview: There were 96 passengers on board an American Airlines flight from San Jose to Dallas when a man, who by some reports was wasted when he boarded, got progressively more boisterous during the flight.

It started when the passenger became cranky, but not out of control, when flight attendants refused to serve him more drinks.

But, as CBS DFW reports, as the flight progressed, the man kept getting up to go to the bathroom and eventually locked himself inside. Passengers overtook the man when he came out of the bathroom.

NBC News in San Francisco reports that the 26-year-old man became more unruly — “talking and counting loudly” — and that’s when he pulled a gun:

One passenger tweeted a photo that showed a law enforcement official on the plane. Christine Merritt wrote that the unruly passenger had been “threatening to flight attendants making ‘finger guns’” and “being belligerent.” Another passenger helped to restrain the person, she added.

That’s right: a finger gun.

Image Credit: Wiki CommonsImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The plane was diverted to Phoenix. Ninety-six passengers were late, including this woman:

The 26-year-old unidentified man was sent to a local hotel to sober up. American Airlines says it won’t press charges.


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