In Wake Of Trump Tape, Clinton Rape Accusers SPEAK OUT

New emails reveal that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had a large role in facilitating gun running in Benghazi, Libya while she was Secretary of State. At the same time Bill Clinton’s rape accusers speak out against Hillary again.

In the newly leaked emails Hillary Clinton herself admits to having both public and private policy positions which means she thinks one thing behind closed doors and says another to the American public. Nobody is surprised she is admitting to being a hypocrite.

However, the mainstream liberal media is not focusing on this but instead the 2005 Access Hollywood video has gone viral of GOP nominee Donald Trump make disgusting and misogynistic comments about a female soap star. Which miraculously was found just days before the next presidential debate. Clearly they have their priorities mixed up.

Trump issued an apology via video posted to his Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Juanita Broaddrick has been relentlessly posting comments to social media via Twitter about Hillary Clinton. Broaddrick was one of Bill Clinton’s victims.

Broaddrick’s outspoken comments come during a time when Hillary Clinton has been criticized by conservatives for treating Bill Clinton’s victims so terrible. One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest criticisms is how she disparaged all of Bill’s victims and attempted to silence them. Or paint them as stark raving mad lunatics. Yet Clinton purports herself to be a feminist and activist for women.

Another one of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims, Paula Jones, spoke out also.


The most ironic part of it all is that Hillary now believes that rape victims should be believed first and questioned later! How hypocritical! She is so incredibly delusional with her own megalomania she does not see the hypocrisy. She ruined Bill Clinton’s victims for standing in between her and the power she desired and yet now she wants everyone to believe she is an advocate of female victims?

In the words of the recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, that is just hogwash.

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