Insane Black Woman Launches Racist Attack On Innocent White Man – VIDEO!

via US Herald: No one can deny that since President Obama has been in office, race relationships have deteriorated, perhaps the worst in 50-years.

This decline can easily be attributed to an administration that has used race as a wedge issuein almost every political instance, regardless of the fact that this president was elected twice by a majority of white voters.

The racial divide began with several incidents that became a rallying cry for race hustlers the mainstream media and the Obama White house to immediately inject themselves into ongoing investigation involving a violent altercation between a white police officer and a black teen.

This was immediately referenced by the media as a racial incident, and quickly supported by the Obama Justice Department, before any factual evidence was submitted to substantiate those allegations.

In the end the white police officer was exonerated for killing the black teen, because he was simply fighting back after being assaulted and attempting to do his duty… however the damage had already done with a false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot” which has become the rallying cry, for the race baiters, the hustlers, the misinformed, and for the occasional crazies among us, who use race to justify (as this video illustrates), almost any criminal activity, including assaults and even murder.

Video’s like this have become all to common, even mega celebrities are now promoting violence, while the liberal media tells only one-side of the story about racism in America.

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