Insane CA Taxes will Cause Super Bowl Players to LOSE MONEY to Play…

From Louder with Crowder: Some liberals are starting to realize that the math doesn’t add up (see Even HuffPo is Now Admitting to Bernie Sanders’ Fuzzy Math… and Neil Cavuto Schools Young Liberal on Basic Economics), but this story about Cam Newton and other NFL players LOSING MONEY this Sunday because of leftist tax policy is beyond ridiculous.

Players are basically paying San Francisco to be allowed to play in the SuperBowl. Not making this up.

Since the Super Bowl will be held in Santa Clara, California this year, the visiting teams will end up paying the “jock tax.” The jock tax is a tax levied on professional athletes. States base this taxation of a player’s yearly income, which they then apply a duty day calculation, which looks at the ratio of duty days spent in-state against total duty days in a year. Because athletes from both Super Bowl teams have to spend several days in California for the event, they will all have to pay an obscenely high tax rate based on their entire year’s income!

Each member of the winning team will receive a $102,000 check from the NFL, members of the losing team will each receive $51,000 just for participating. This leaves those highly paid stars like Quarterback Cam Newton, who signed a five-year $103.8 million dollar contract last summer, in the red, according to Forbes.

He will owe California a total of $159,560 in taxes in 2016 just if they win and $159,200 if they lose, based on Forbes’ calculations, which factors 11 of the Panthers’ 206 “duty days” in 2016 taking place in California.

If you’re sitting there with your judgement, with your eyebrows up, saying things like “Well that’s fair, because NFL players make more money than me to play a game and SHOULD BE TAXED,” please leave. Lemme guess? You work at a desk with a boss and think you’re super under-appreciated? Go now. You’re giving me a headache. Also, you’re a complete moron. And kind of heartless. Out with you.

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Now that those nerf-minded crap weasels are huffing and puffing into their soy lattes, we can get down to the brass tax of this. See what I did there?

Yes, okay, some NFL players make millions of dollars. Yes, some NFL players date or marry supermodels. Yes, some NFL players are endorsed by Nike. Yes, some NFL players lead cool lives. Maybe cooler than yours. Okay? Okay.

But them being taxed like this won’t change any of the reasons you’re jealous of them. Also, being jealous of someone isn’t a good reason to tax the crap out of them. This is important to know as we move forward with life. Because the one thing I’ve heard from leftists ad nauseam is “fairness.”

How is the number breakdown of the Super Bowl victors (and losers) having to cough up a lot of cash, not only to play in the big game, but to just be in the People’s Republic of California, fair? Remember, your jealousy does not count as a reason to tax people. So stop it right there. Explain to me the fairness…

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These players are charged just for being in California FOR the game. Not just taxed for the income they earn in the days leading up to it, but taxed based on their annual salary that they make outside of California.

Sounds like these NFL players aren’t paying their “fair” share, they’re not even “sharing.” They’re being told to bend over and take it. Their money is being taken from them by force. Again I ask, how is this “fair”?


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