INSANE New Footage Of United Airlines Brawl Leaked, Shows What Man Asked For – Who Do YOU Think Is The Victim?

Over the past several days, the huge story in the news has been about United Airlines and their apparent hatred for Chinese people. The backlash over the incident has been massive, as the airlines lost a startling $800 million in just two days following the horrifying footage surfacing of a bloodied customer being dragged off one of their flights. However a startling new video is beginning to make the rounds on the internet, that is quickly changing people’s minds over the whole debacle.

The left never lets a good crisis go to waste. In recent days, Dr. David Dao has quickly become the poster child of the left, as they now push their never-ending rhetoric of the “rampant racism” that exists in America. But unfortunately for them, a video has just surfaced that’s putting a huge hole in this narrative, as this Chinese man clearly taunted police before things escalated, proving that there is two sides to the story.

In brand new footage released by TMZ, the passenger can be heard telling officers, “I won’t go. I’m physician, have to work tomorrow, 8 o’clock.” He then proceeds to tell the officers if they want him removed, they’ll have to drag him off the plane, where they willingly oblige him several minutes later.


While United Airlines no doubt used excessive force, it should be noted that part of the contractual agreement when you purchase a ticket (in the terms and conditions that most people skip over) is that the airline reserves the right to give your ticket to someone else in the event that the flight is overbooked.  This could be a huge obstacle down the road for the man winning a lawsuit, since he agreed to these terms when he bought the ticket.

What do you all think? Does this change your opinion about the incident with United Airlines? What do you think the officers should’ve done? Let us know in the comments below!



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