INSANE!!! Obama Press Secretary Says We’re Just In A War Of ‘WORDS’ With ISIS – WATCH!

Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnhest has a rocky relationship with the conservative press at best. So it is no surprise he yet again is making headlines for more ignorant comments. In a CNN interview he said that the White House/government was simply in a “narrative battle” with the Islamic State.

The interviewer showed Earnest a pictur of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect in the recent New Jersey/NYC bombing explosion. CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Earnest if the recent attacks increase,

the specter of the fear, the xenophobia of those who are getting into this country and whether they are efficiently vetted in a way that has to be done … is this a reflection of not getting it done?”

Earnest responded,

“When it comes to ISIL, we are in a fight, a narrative fight with them, a narrative battle. What ISIL wants to do is they want to project that they are an organization that is representing Islam in a fight and a war against the West, and a war against the United States. That is a bankrupt, false narrative. It’s a mythology, and we have made progress in debunking that mythology.”

Basically he towed the standard liberal line of, jihadism does not represent Islam. If we had a penny for every time that came out of a Democrat’s mouth we would be able to pay down the national debt that they blew through the roof!

He went on,

“We can’t play into this narrative that somehow the United States or the West is fighting against the Muslim religion. The fact is there are millions of patriotic Muslims in this country right now that make our country proud. They serve in our armed services. They serve in our law enforcement. These are individuals who make a substantial and positive contribution to our country, and that is an inconvenient fact for the ISIL narrative.”

Watch the interview here,

What Earnest seems to forget is that people are not worried about law abiding Muslims we are worried about the radicals terrorist coming in from the Middle East and domestically radicalizing more.

Perhaps he should ask the millions of refugees fleeing their homelands if it is simply a narrative war. Or maybe he should ask the pre teen girls being raped, mutilated, sexually abused and murdered simply for being women. He could also ask the families of our military soldiers who have lost their life at the hands of radical jihadists. I’m sure they would all tell this privileged arm chair liberal that this war is very violent, very real, and stems far beyond words. Certainly far beyond his comprehension.

The level of tone deafness that the Obama administration has is stunningly mind boggling. It is as if they do not even care how they sound, look, or appear. That is negligible. America, and quite frankly the entire world, needs to hear loud and clear from the leader of the free world and the commander in chief of the globes number one hegemon that humanity is at war with ISIS. Because we are. To not say so is negligent to the nth degree.

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