ISIS’s Insane New Secret Weapon Set To Kill Thousands Just Uncovered In American Communities And It’s BAD

Just as President Trump and General James Mattis are intensifying the war against ISIS, ISIS itself is seemingly getting more and more desperate. It appears that they just may be on the ropes.

Their desperation has now devolved into them holding civilians hostage and as their human shields. In fact, it has been reported that they have now even kidnapped 149 children to do just that with.

They are now challenging the United States military to rise to their level of inhumane behavior by putting those children on the front lines between the good guys and the wicked darkness that resides in the soldiers of ISIS.

They are playing with human life as if it has no worth. This will be the very belief has them destined for a very special place in would think.

Now there are reports that they have come up with a new tactic to add to their already disgusting ways. They are now holding civilians at gunpoint in areas where they place snipers.

This information was gathered from a surviving family of seven members. They reported that their Mosul home was invaded by ISIS fighters. Then as the city was in the midst of all this conflict, the monsters of ISIS cut a hole in the wall of their family home. As they watched these terrorists hold a gun to their father’s head, they were forced to sit and await their own death. Then the man’s wife could see a sniper on a neighboring building’s rooftop.

In just a flash, their entire block was leveled. Miraculously, this family was blessed to survive.

The logic is that of a chess game, and is thus twofold: they either prevent the U.S. from striking, counting on the U.S. wanting to avoid killing civilians at all costs, or they are struck and killed and claim martyr status for themselves and all the people that are collateral damage. This results in an interpretation of this family’s survival as an indication of the disfavor of Allah; he did not make martyrs out of them.

One can imagine that the ISIS strategy is also to ratchet up the tally of how many people the U.S. military has killed. This is a recruiting tool. The young men that have been hiding from the shelling and the war by staying with their parents and families, they are seen by ISIS as potential martyrs. A natural resource that is becoming more and more rare, due to the fact that many of them have only a one-time-use. They are recruited to sacrifice their life.

This fight is being said to be entering a new phase that is going to put to the test the resolve of the U.S. and ISIS. With Trump at the helm now and over the U.S. military, there are orders to take off the gloves. There is a report that the U.S. military will ask for the approval to send up to 1,000 ground troops into Iraq and Syria to engage in the fight and bring it to ISIS. A measure that we all know Obama was very unwilling to take on.

There are many that think that the only reason why ISIS is now an enemy to fear is because of Obama’s made only half-measures when there was a need for full measures. He did not respond forcefully when his infamous ‘red line’ was crossed and it made the United States seem limp-wristed and not fully committed to the fight in the first place.

Sadly, the effect that took place following this was ISIS growing in strength and influence.

Last month CNN updated their list of ISIS-inspired attacks in the US and other countries. The list is growing quickly, and if ISIS decided to employ the tactics it is using in Mosul in America, the death toll would be massive as law enforcement would be stymied as they wouldn’t want to harm any hostages taken. The most recent attack claimed 49 lives at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. We know there are more radicalized Muslims in America who look to ISIS for inspiration and who will attack again. But it looks like there is hope.

The United States is washing its’ hands of any wrongdoings, as ISIS continues to try and set it up to look like America is the evil empire that kills civilians haphazardly. It’s not going to work any longer… there is a new president in town, and he knows who the real villains are.

President Trump has stated that he will wipe ISIS off the face of the earth.

Well then, go get em.

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