INSANE: Trump Stunned To Learn What Bergdahl’s Lawyers Just Accused Him Of

What are 200 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? – A good start. Bergdahl’s lawyers need to be the first in the drink.

Bowe Bergdahl recently found out that his trial will be pushed back to February 2017. He is an alleged military dissenter whose been accused of being a traitor. Now, his lawyers have made some interesting allegations against Trump of all people.

In a recently filed motion, Bergdahls lawyers stated that because of Trumps comments characterizing Bergdahl as a traitor, his trial will potentially be tainted by media bias that could affect the judge and jury.

“By any measure, he has been made one of the most vilified and hated people in the United States, false and incendiary statements, such as that he is a traitor (a uniquely grave offense with which he has never been charged) or that military members died looking for him, have been frequently made to huge audiences by speakers such as Donald Trump as well as by a variety of Fox News programs,” stated the motion.

Former military colleagues, media pundits, and American citizens have also referenced him as a traitor as well.

This is a similar situation to when there are mass gun shootings or police officers charged with murder due to excessive force on minorities. Lawyers often argue that media bias and non stop press coverage hampers the ability to have a fair, expedient trial.

We all know Bergdahl is a traitor, and that many servicemen died trying to find him. Hopefully he hangs himself & saves us the cost of a trial.

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