INSTANT KARMA: Thug Tried to Light Police Car On Fire, Gets EJECTED During Accident! (VIDEO)

A disheveled looking white fleabag thug named Logan Younger attempts to remove his handcuffs in the back of a cop car. Then he makes the ultimate mistake and tries to light the cop car on fire.

An unfortunate event for the cop, but a karma machine act of God sends the cop cruiser into an accident. The accident propels the white thug from the back seat, out the back window, and it just gets crazier after that.

Watch the video.

After the crash, the suspect in Arkansas tried to flee the scene of the crash and officers pursued the perpetrator in a foot chase.

They apprehended the suspect and booked him to the station for a mug shot.

Logan Younger
Logan Younger

The Sun – The police officer’s patrol car crashed and flipped sending Younger out of the back window in Arkansas, US.

In the video the teen appears to loosen his handcuffs moments before the crash.

According to cops after flying out the back window of the overturned car Younger fled the scene but was caught moments later.

A video then posted on Facebook appears to show Younger trying to flee the scene as police give chase on foot.

Officer Justin Thompson was trapped in the vehicle, cut loose, and air lifted to a local hospital. He was unconscious, but has regained consciousness and is speaking.

If you’re ever arrested and in the cop car, then please do not try to light the car on fire. The crash as simply a coincidence, but what does he think would’ve happened if the car was on fire? There’s a good chance he would have burned in it because the inside of the cop doors don’t open. The back doors are basically always locked. There’s not much chance he escapes a car fire if the doors are locked and he would have to be saved by the same police who cuffed him for whatever crime he’s arrested for.

I’m guessing this video might add an attempted arson charge since it’s clear as day that he tried to light the cop vehicle on fire.

I think we know what the suspects new favorite song is…



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